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Article: What is the difference between bio-ethanol fireplaces and other fireplaces?

Wat is het verschil tussen bio-ethanol haarden en andere haarden?

What is the difference between bio-ethanol fireplaces and other fireplaces?

Bioethanol is more environmentally friendly than normal fireplaces. In addition, bioethanol fireplaces are easier to use. You only need to refill the fuel burner. In this blog you can read everything you need to know about bio-ethanol fireplaces.

How does an ethanol fireplace work and is it safe?

Bioethanol is highly flammable and requires attention when using it. Therefore, every

user of the bio-ethanol fireplace must carefully review and comply with the safety instructions for their use. The emissions from bio-ethanol fireplaces are released directly into the room. The emissions may mainly contain carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide or an odor and therefore affect the quality of the indoor air. Despite their emissions, they are harmless and the substances are odorless.

Where and why should you use bioethanol fireplaces?

Today's wide choice of bioethanol fireplaces available in different designs offers the advantage of making a good choice in accordance with customer requirements. Manual fireplaces are intended to require user intervention when refilling the fuel burners, while automatic ethanol fireplaces eliminate direct contact with the fuel because the fuel is stored in a special reservoir. With the remote control you have the option to determine the size of the flame.

Certain bio-ethanol fireplaces have a process safety system. These bioethanol fireplaces are equipped with special sensors that extinguish the flame when the fireplace reaches high temperatures or when the sensor recognizes dangerous situations such as low oxygen or natural disasters that can make the fireplace uncontrollable, so that the safety system does not switch off.

The low installation costs, easy maintenance and use, the ease of cleaning up the fireplaces makes the bio-ethanol fireplace a real necessity for houses and apartments that need extra heat. Users can therefore install bioethanol fireplaces in almost any room, as well as outdoors and against almost any wall. Bioethanol fireplaces can even be installed in the spa or bedrooms! This makes your colder months even more pleasant with an environmentally friendly, modern and safe bio-ethanol fireplace without causing unwanted and harmful effects.

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