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Article: Bio ethanol perfume. How exactly does that work? And the five nicest scents

Bio ethanol perfume. How exactly does that work? And the five nicest scents

If you have a bio-ethanol fireplace, you can ensure that your house smells nice with bio-ethanol perfume. In this blog you can read about how the bio ethanol perfume works exactly and about the 5 tastiest bio ethanol perfumes.

Bio ethanol perfume

If you have a bio ethanol fireplace at home, you can make your house smell extra nice by using bio ethanol perfume. They come in all kinds of different scents. It creates an ultimate atmosphere in your home. Many people just don't know how a bio ethanol perfume works.

The perfumes often consist of a bottle containing oil or blocks that are melted over the fire. If you want to add bio ethanol perfumes to your bio ethanol fireplace, it is always important to read the manual carefully. The idea is for the perfume to mix with the bio ethanol.

The perfume often contains an alcohol percentage of about 96.6%. It is useful if you maintain the ratio of ten drops per liter of fuel, then it is better to mix the perfume with the bio ethanol before filling the burner. If you use about half a bottle, it is more convenient to first fill the bio ethanol into the burner and then add the oil. It is not the intention to add the perfume to an automatic burner. Unless this is said in the manual. This is important because these burners are often very sensitive.

The perfumes are often sold in small bottles of about 7 ml, but you also have them in a liter capacity. You often only need to add four or 5 drops per half liter of bio ethanol. In other words, approximately 10 drops per liter of bio ethanol. If you own a bio ethanol fireplace and you want to add a scent, it is useful to first investigate whether it is even possible. Manual burners where you have to add the liquid directly into the burner and then light it with a lighter, can be combined well with the perfume. That is why you can use perfume on these fireplaces without stress.

The 5 nicest scents


There are plenty of different types of perfumes for your bio ethanol fireplace. They give your home extra coziness and atmosphere. These are the 5 nicest perfumes we have.

Our bio ethanol perfume peppermint is in fifth place. This Oil consists of leaves, young shoots and mint flowers during steam distillation. The oil is effective and ensures that you relax. It also freshens the air in the room. It is a 100% natural essential oil intended for aromatherapy, among other things. This is followed by the bio ethanol perfume lilac. This is an aroma composition with green tea aroma. It is an essential oil for aromatherapy, among other things. It is experienced as an intense and sweet floral aroma. Positively attunes because it is associated with spring. It has a calming and relaxing effect. The smell of lilac flowers is considered the most beautiful. In third place is the bio ethanol perfume musk. This is a fragrance full of intimacy. The scent of musk gives a feeling of warmth, coziness and sensuality. Appreciated by women who love a feeling of luxury. Essential oil and oil for bio fireplaces with the function of aromatherapy or with a separate aromatizer.

The second best perfume is the ocean scent. This is a scent full of freshness. An aroma that cleanses and freshens the aroma in a room. Extremely fresh, reminiscent of the scent of a holiday by the sea, the scent of a morning sea breeze. Taste the ocean aroma. And first of all, the nicest smell of all: magnolia. This is a sweet floral scent. Recommended for depression and anxiety. It relaxes with its warm scent, stimulates the senses.

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