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Article: A bio-ethanol fireplace: quick installation and great functionalities

Een bio-ethanol haard: snelle installatie en geweldige functionaliteiten

A bio-ethanol fireplace: quick installation and great functionalities

Do you have problems with the chimney or are you unable to do masonry work? Then it is best to install a bio-ethanol fireplace. This allows you to enjoy the pleasure of a real flame but without smoke and without ash. In this blog you can read everything you need to know about bio-ethanol fireplaces.

The bio-ethanol fireplace can be installed without the use of specialized personnel. Bioethanol has low emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and is not harmful to the health of people or the animals in the home. Bioethanol fireplaces are sold in practical 1 liter bottles with a reducing cap to minimize accidents when filling the burner. Unlike wood, they take up much less space.

The bio-ethanol fireplace does not produce ash, is not dirty and does not require continuous maintenance of the fireplace. The fireplace is useful for furnishing your home and for heating the environment. By installing a bio-ethanol fireplace you benefit from both aesthetic and thermal aspects. The average power of the burners measured in the laboratory was 3Kw.

Furnish with a bio-ethanol fireplace and spruce up your environment.

Aesthetics are undoubtedly the best advantage, the number of models available gives you the opportunity to see which one best suits the style of your home, whether modern or classic. Bio fireplaces certainly have the ability to stylishly furnish any room in the house with extreme simplicity, the same that characterizes their use. Thanks to the many different shapes, sizes and colors, you can find the model that best suits your room, making your home even more beautiful.

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