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Article: Why choose a bio fireplace?

Why choose a bio fireplace?

Nowadays it is possible in almost every household to enjoy the atmosphere with a blazing fire. It doesn't even matter whether you live in an apartment or a house.

Bio fireplaces do not require a chimney and are therefore suitable for any interior. When you use them, you don't need wood, you don't have to worry about smoke, you don't get any harmful emissions, you don't have to worry about falling sparks, soot or dirt. All you need for operation is bioalcohol (bioethanol). It has been modified and denatured so that it burns with a beautiful yellow-orange flame without smoke and harmful emissions.

The heating value of the bio-fireplace

You are certainly interested in whether bio fireplaces can also heat the room. There is a real flame burning in the bio-fireplace, which of course also heats up. However, they were mainly developed for decoration and their caloric value can be considered more of added value. The power of biofireplaces is from 1 kW to approximately 5 kW, which is sufficient to insulate one to two rooms. However, they cannot be used as the sole source of heating. Since they cannot be used non-stop, they are used for heating and not for continuous heating. However, they have one advantage. They are not dependent on electricity or gas. As a result, they provide the opportunity to smoke even in the event of a failure of these sources.

Easy to install and use

Installing the bio-fireplace is very simple. Most hanging bio fireplaces are mounted on 2 screws and 2 plugs, which anchor the bio fireplace to the wall. Some types are mounted on a mounting bracket, which is attached to the wall and then the biofireplace is hung on it. With built-in bio-fireplaces, installation is already more complicated and structural adjustments are also required (drilling a hole in the wall, constructing a building, etc.). If you are interested in such an implementation, please contact us by email at

Using a bio fireplace is also easy. The bioalcohol is poured directly into the burner using a funnel or funnel, but not more than 2/3 of the volume.To ignite the fuel, place the lit lighter next to the bioalcohol level. Complete combustion takes place after approx. 5-10 minutes. The biofire then burns with a beautiful yellow flame. The vast majority of our biofireplaces are regulated. This allows you to regulate the height of the flame and also extinguish the biofireplace. Simpler types do not have this arrangement. An external extinguisher is included with which you can extinguish the biofireplace.

Safety of biofireplaces Most biofireplaces that we offer have a TÜV safety certificate, which guarantees the highest safety when used correctly. However, before purchasing a biofireplace, it is necessary to think about where you want to install it. The location of the bio-fireplace is important and ensure that it is at least half a meter away from flammable objects.
In general, nothing flammable should be within half a meter on the sides of a bio-fireplace and one meter above the bio-fireplace.

Hanging biofireplaces can be mounted on a brick wall (panel, brick wall, etc.). Freestanding bio-fireplaces can be placed on the floor, table or chest of drawers. This type of biofireplace is the most practical because you can place it almost anywhere. Built-in bio fireplaces are designed to be built into a wall or enclosure. When installing, it is always necessary to use insulation so that the heat from the biofireplace is not transferred to the wall or structure of the building. As insulation it is suitable to use insulation boards Promasil, Grenaisol, Silca etc.

Extra caution is also required when refueling. Under no circumstances should you pour bioalcohol into the burner during combustion. If you want to refuel and light after burning, you must wait at least 10-15 minutes for the burner to cool down.

If you have finally opted for a biofireplace, take a look at our varied range at

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