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Article: How do you choose a bio fireplace?

Hoe kies je een biohaard?

How do you choose a bio fireplace?

Buying an ideal biofireplace requires a certain amount of attention and information. So how do you choose the right one? In this article we will help you understand the types of biofireplaces, their performance and size. We also advise you which parts your new bio fireplace should not be missing.

Types of biofireplaces

You already know that biofireplaces are chimneyless fireplaces that burn bioalcohol - 96% ethanol. In general, we know 3 types of biofireplaces, namely hanging, built-in and freestanding . If you just want to hang the bio fireplace somewhere on the wall, we recommend a hanging bio fireplace. Assembly is simple, usually it is sufficient to install the bio-fireplace with two screws and plugs, which anchor it to the wall.

Built-in bio fireplaces are designed to be built into a wall or enclosure. Here the assembly is a bit more complicated, as you also need structural adjustments (building a building, cutting a hole in the wall, ...). However, such bio fireplaces are unique and often look like a real fireplace.

The advantage of freestanding biofireplaces is that they can be moved at any time. The freestanding biofireplace can be placed on a table, chest of drawers or floor. For example, if you want to move the biofireplace to the terrace, you can simply pick it up and move it. But be careful, the biofireplace cannot be manipulated during combustion.

Important parameters of biofireplaces

When choosing a bio fireplace, you should know all the features of a bio fireplace before purchasing it. Parameters and functionality are important . The heart of the bio fireplace is always a burner. Depending on the size and capabilities of the burner, the performance and functionality of the biofireplace is based. In general, the larger the biofireplace, the larger the burner or the more burners in it. If you plan to install a biofireplace in a smaller room, we recommend a smaller biofireplace with a power of up to 4 kW. Larger biofireplaces (length over 100 cm) are more suitable for larger spaces.

Bio fireplaces can be with or without control. The height of the flame is adjusted using the control, so also the power of the bio-fireplace and the bio-fireplace is also extinguished. However, in our range you will find 95% of the fireplaces with control.


It is also possible to purchase various accessories for biofireplaces. The most famous are decorative stones - logs, bioalcohol, lighters and funnels. We provide all these accessories for free

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