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Article: Is a bio ethanol fireplace dangerous? Read all the pros and cons.

Is een bio ethanol haard gevaarlijk? Lees alle voor en nadelen.

Is a bio ethanol fireplace dangerous? Read all the pros and cons.

Many people wonder whether a bio ethanol fireplace is dangerous. This is a very logical question that is still unclear to many. In this blog you can read all about whether a bio ethanol fireplace is or can be dangerous and what advantages and disadvantages a bio ethanol fireplace has.


Dangerous bio ethanol fireplace

You should know that every fireplace carries some risk. They remain (open) fireplaces, so this also applies to the bio ethanol fireplace. There are several dangers that a bio ethanol fireplace can entail.

One of those dangers is refilling a warm fireplace. Bio ethanol is very flammable, so it is important that you pay close attention when refilling bio ethanol. If you add bio ethanol to a warm fireplace burner, it will evaporate, which can create a flash fire, which is very dangerous inside your home. To prevent this, you should always extinguish the fire by removing the oxygen and not, for example, by throwing water over it. It is also wise to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes after the fireplace has gone out before refilling the burner.

Another danger with a bio ethanol fireplace can be an overcrowded burner. Almost all burners have a MAX indicator that indicates how far the burner can be filled. If you fill the burner too full, it becomes increasingly difficult to extinguish the fire. To prevent this, it is smart to always follow the instructions given and never do anything on your own.

The last danger that can arise is tampering with fuel. This is the most common problem with a bio ethanol fireplace. It is difficult to refill the burner without spilling because bio ethanol works differently than other liquids. If you have spilled bio ethanol and then light your fireplace, a fire may start, which is difficult to extinguish. It is best to use a funnel or pump to refill the burner so that it is as safe as possible.

Ultimately, the bio ethanol fireplace is no more dangerous than all other fireplaces. As long as you use your common sense and follow all instructions carefully, there is no danger.

Pros and cons

A bio ethanol fireplace has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a bio ethanol fireplace are that you can order a bio ethanol fireplace against the wall, on a table, inside, outside and according to your taste. The flames of a bio ethanol fireplace are also very attractive. A bio ethanol fireplace costs much less than, for example, a stove or a gas fireplace, which is very affordable. It also requires little work compared to other fireplaces. With a bio ethanol fireplace you are not afraid of hazardous substances or unwanted odors, because no hazardous substances are released and it is odor-free.

There are also disadvantages to a bio ethanol fireplace. A bio ethanol fireplace is often there for the atmosphere, so it is not really a complete heater for your home compared to other fireplaces. Bio ethanol itself is also a bit more expensive than just normal wood, pellets or gas. The combustion is completely odorless, but when the fire is extinguished a pungent odor may be released.

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