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Article: Buying a bio ethanol fireplace: How exactly does it work? + All benefits at a glance

Bio ethanol haard kopen: Hoe werkt dat precies? + Alle voordelen op een rij

Buying a bio ethanol fireplace: How exactly does it work? + All benefits at a glance

You've probably heard of a bio-ethanol fireplace. But how exactly does a bio-ethanol fireplace work and what are the benefits of bio-ethanol. In this article you can read all the important information for buying a bio-ethanol fireplace.

What is a bio-ethanol fireplace?

You should view a bio-ethanol fireplace as a fireplace that burns on bio-ethanol. Bioethanol is a kind of thin liquid that is flammable. Bioethanol consists of residues from food crops, denatured alcohol and other substances that create the flame image. With a bio-ethanol fireplace you do not use wood or coal as fuel, instead you use bio-ethanol as fuel. Bio-ethanol burns on economical fuel, which is more sustainable than wood, oil and natural gas. A bio-ethanol fireplace often has a container into which the liquid goes. This also allows you to determine how big the flame will be and how hot it will be.

You have 3 different bio-ethanol fireplaces. Table fireplaces, these are the smaller fireplaces that are not fixed and can be moved. Outdoor fireplaces, these fireplaces are for outside and do not require a chimney. And there are also wall fireplaces. This fireplace is slightly less attractive, but does provide a lot of warmth. On average, a bio-ethanol fireplace holds about 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid. When it is completely full, the bio-ethanol fireplace burns for about 3/4 hours.

If you have a bio-ethanol fireplace, you must handle the fuels safely. It is highly flammable. Before you fill new liquid into the bio-ethanol fireplace, you must ensure that the fireplace has cooled down properly. You should also never use more liquid than indicated. You should never extinguish bio-ethanol with water, but with, for example, a fire blanket, sand or CO2 extinguisher. If you adhere to this, a bio-ethanol hair is safe to use.

Want to buy a bio-ethanol fireplace?

Nowadays, more and more people in the Netherlands are opting for a bio-ethanol fireplace. This is partly because a bio-ethanol fireplace is very sustainable and from 2050 the government has promised that the Netherlands will become fully sustainable. That is why more and more people are switching. It is also because a bio-ethanol fireplace is more chic than a normal fireplace and is slightly more contemporary. A bio-ethanol fireplace makes every room cozy. Today's system with biological fuel has no risk whatsoever. The liquid evaporates and the gas burns completely harmlessly. You can also choose a bio-ethanol fireplace to match the style of your own home. So bio-ethanol fireplaces are the future.

Advantages of bio-ethanol fireplaces

There are many advantages to having a bio-ethanol fireplace. Firstly, a bio-ethanol fireplace does not require a chimney, which can look a bit neater in your home. A bio-ethanol fireplace does not release soot or harmful gases that can occur with other fireplaces. There are also no unpleasant odors that permeate your home. Furthermore, a bio-ethanol fireplace is very environmentally friendly based on natural residues, so you also contribute to the environment.

A bio-ethanol fireplace is also easy to install in your home and ultimately looks very attractive and atmospheric. This makes bio-ethanol fireplaces relatively cheaper than gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces and stoves. It can be a secondary heat source for your home and is also very mobile.

They are also available in many different types of designs, which is beneficial to see which one suits your home best. A bio-ethanol fireplace can be installed in any type of home. become small rooms, flats, around the house etc. This is because it has little need for ventilation. One of the biggest advantages of a bio-ethanol fireplace is the authentic fire. The living fire is something that people often appreciate with a fireplace, which makes the real fire of a bio-ethanol fireplace a great advantage.

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