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Article: Install bio ethanol burner. How do you do that? + the 3 biggest advantages

Install bio ethanol burner. How do you do that? + the 3 biggest advantages

Built-in Bio Ethanol fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. You can install them almost anywhere. A Bio Ethanol burner must also be installed for this. But how exactly should that be done and what is the advantage of a built-in Bio Ethanol fireplace? You can read all about this in this blog.

Built-in Bio Ethanol burner

The burner is the most important part of any bio-ethanol fireplace. Installing a bio-ethanol fireplace offers more and more possibilities. Outside, inside and you can install them almost anywhere. This always includes a bio-ethanol burner. Without a bio-ethanol burner, no fire is created. A Bio-ethanol burner contains a built-in fire tank that can be filled with Bio-ethanol.

A bio-ethanol burner is quite easy to install. There are cheap and more expensive bio-ethanol burners. More expensive bio-ethanol burners often work automatically and on electricity. These must therefore be operated with a remote control or a screen on the fireplace itself. These types of fireplaces are very easy to use and are well secured.

It is an option to build a bio-ethanol fireplace yourself. You also need a bio-ethanol burner for this. To make your own bio-ethanol fireplace you also need the following items: Fire-resistant frame, fuel, safety glass and holders, decoration and filament. If you have these things, you have everything you need to install a burner.

The 3 biggest advantages

There are many advantages to installing a Bio-Ethanol burner. One of the big advantages is that you have bio-ethanol burners in all shapes and sizes. This way you can place your bio-ethanol fireplace anywhere and have it made entirely to your taste. With a bio-ethanol burner you can create a lot of atmosphere in your home. With the Bio-ethanol burner you ensure coziness and warmth in your home.

The second biggest advantage of a bio-ethanol burner is that it is easy to install at home. There are two options for installing a bio-ethanol fireplace: on the ground or in the wall. You can easily hang a bio-ethanol fireplace on the fireplace. It actually works exactly the same as hanging flat screen televisions. You also need a safety distance of 1 meter and the bio-ethanol burner should not be installed too close to curtains or carpets.

The third biggest advantage is that the flames of a bio-ethanol burner are very environmentally conscious. No hazardous substances such as soot or ash are released. With a bio-ethanol burner you do not need to have a chimney in your house. They require almost no ventilation at all. In addition, the flames also continue to burn for a very long time.

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