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Article: Bio Ethanol Fireplaces on the wall – tips and arrangements

Bio Ethanol Haarden aan de muur – tips en arrangementen

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces on the wall – tips and arrangements

Can you install a bio-ethanol fireplace on every wall? What does the installation of hanging (wall), built-in bio-ethanol fireplaces and two-sided or three-sided bio-ethanol fireplaces look like? How do you close a bio-ethanol fireplace? We invite you to read the tips and see the most interesting arrangements of bioethanol fireplace on the wall.

How do you mount a bio-ethanol fireplace on the wall?

Two types of bio-ethanol fireplaces can be mounted on the wall: hanging bio-fireplaces and built-in bio-fireplaces, including corner bio-fireplaces. Installing hanging bio-ethanol fireplaces is easy. It usually involves drilling a few holes, inserting the handles and then hanging the bio-ethanol fireplace on the mounted handles. In some cases, when the wall is not heat resistant, it is also necessary to insulate it. This is generally something you don't need help from a specialist for. A slightly more difficult task awaits us if we want to install a built-in bio-ethanol fireplace on the wall. One-sided bio-ethanol fireplaces that must be placed in the wall require a recess. Cutouts are specified for each model. The bio-fireplace insert must be screwed into the niche or bricked up (depending on the instructions). Most models of built-in bio-ethanol fireplaces have decorative mouldings, so no additional casing is required, but the wall can be covered with, for example, stone cladding.


How do you install a two-sided or three-sided bio-ethanol fireplace in the wall?

If you want to install a two- or three-sided bioethanol hair in the wall, the wall must first be properly prepared. If we use fire-resistant plasterboard, the structure must be secured with a steel frame made of metal profiles. People who have no experience with it

carrying out this type of work, should seek the help of a specialist.

Can a bio-ethanol fireplace be installed on every wall?

You do not need a permit to install a bio-ethanol fireplace and it is of course not necessary to connect to the chimney system. This means that the bio-ethanol fireplace can be placed in almost any room with normal air circulation. When choosing a place on the wall, you must first take into account the material (it must be fire-resistant) and that the bio-ethanol fireplace is not located near flammable objects. A hanging bio-ethanol fireplace can be mounted on any wall. The most demanding requirements for two-sided and three-sided bio-ethanol fireplaces. For obvious reasons they can't

be installed in load-bearing walls, but in previously prepared partitions with a

suitable frame, as we wrote earlier.

Wall mounted bioethanol fireplace – arrangements. A rich gallery of hanging bio-ethanol fireplace arrangements is presented in the article: Arrangements: hanging bio-ethanol fireplaces. Here we also present some of the most interesting ideas.

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