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Article: Install a hanging bio ethanol fireplace. What are the possibilities? All information at a glance.

Install a hanging bio ethanol fireplace. What are the possibilities? All information at a glance.

A hanging built-in bio ethanol fireplace is becoming increasingly popular. What exactly are the possibilities of a hanging bio ethanol fireplace? In this blog you can read all the information about the hanging built-in bio ethanol fireplace.

Hanging bio ethanol fireplace

The hanging bio-ethanol fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. More and more people see a hanging bio ethanol fireplace as a clean and safe choice. A flue or chimney is unnecessary for this type of fireplace. The fuel, bioethanol, is based on a biological source, such as corn or sugar cane. And it is special that no soot is released during combustion. The released gases evaporate completely in a safe manner, without leaving any dirt behind. Not only without dirt, but also completely odorless.

A hanging bio ethanol fireplace is easy to install and causes no damage to the walls, walls or ceiling. There are various models that weigh heavier than other models and because the bio ethanol fireplace is built-in, there is more weight involved than you think. Due to these circumstances, it is always wise to carefully read the specifications of the products before purchasing them.

In addition, if you purchase a hanging bio ethanol fireplace, it is also important not to place it near curtains or other materials that are flammable. It is useful to maintain a distance of at least 40 cm from flammable materials. It is also not useful to hang it close to the TV because a TV can give off heat.

Rain Bio Ceiling Fireplace, this bio ethanol fireplace is a proposal for a modern interior. Mounted on the ceiling, does not require a chimney, it creates an original interior design, the room in which it is located.

The possibilities

There are many options when it comes to a hanging built-in bio ethanol fireplace. You can choose them in all kinds of styles and colors and you can have them installed hanging in many different places. There are many different types of hanging bio ethanol fireplaces, examples are:

Built-in fireplace / Wall fireplace S-Line 3D, This is a hanging built-in bio ethanol hair with a safe burner. The fireplace is made in the form of a 10-point 3D burner with a width of 800 mm. The burner is made of brushed stainless steel. The flames do not go inwards, but fill the entire width of the burner, the arc shape and different sizes of the holes are responsible (in the center the opening is the smallest, because it is closer to the front and it is easier for oxygen to burn biofuels).

Dani Black Hanging Fireplace, this bio ethanol fireplace is a great solution if you want to change the interior of your home in an interesting way and add a bit of elegance and style. The bio ethanol fireplace is attached to the pegs and hung on the wall like a painting. You do not need to do any construction because the sides of the bio ethanol fireplace are full.

Dierro Bio Built-in - Wall-mounted fireplace, The Dierro built-in bio-fireplace can also be used as a wall-mounted (hanging) bio-fireplace. Thanks to its dimensions, you can decorate the wall even in small spaces.

Rea Bio Wall-mounted fireplace / built-in fireplace H-line, this bio ethanol fireplace is the ideal replacement for a normal fireplace that meets the principles of MELLDESIGN. It does not emit any toxic or harmful substances when burned. The bio ethanol fireplace has 3 safe point burners, giving you the effect of a wide flame. The burners are equipped with locks to regulate the flame.

Malema Luxury Bio Ceiling Fireplace, The Karlstad by GLOW FIRE is a bio ethanol fireplace of a different kind, a space saver with a big wow factor. The fireplace takes up little space because it is attached to the ceiling. The refined and dynamic design will amaze everyone. You can hang the Karlstad as a highlight in your four walls or outside. Spend cozy hours by the fireplace and watch the fascinating play of flames from both sides.

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