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Article: Packages: bio fireplace on the corner

Arrangementen: biohaard op de hoek - Bioethanolhaarden

Packages: bio fireplace on the corner

Are you looking for interior inspiration, in which a bio corner fireplace plays the leading role? Are you wondering which styles this type of bio fireplace fits into? Check out our suggestions and a rich gallery.
How do you arrange an interior with a bio fireplace in the corner?
Corner bio fireplaces look particularly beautiful in open and semi-open interiors . They can be placed at the intersection of two rooms, for example, living room and dining room or living room and kitchen. This is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere, both when dining and relaxing. The big advantage of biofireplaces is the variation in dimensions. This means that the corner bio fireplace fits even in small living rooms with a kitchenette.
Are you wondering at what height to place a corner bio fireplace? If it separates the dining room from the living room, it is a good idea to place a biofireplace at such a height that it is visible while sitting at the table. An example is the arrangement with corner bio fireplaces
Setup with the Infire INSIDE L800 biofireplace
Setup with the bio corner fireplace Infire INDOOR P1100 Vers2
An equally interesting idea is to arrange a bio fireplace in the corner in such a way that it emphasizes the symmetry of the room . Such a solution is presented in the bio ethanol fireplace setup. In both cases, the bio fireplace is located on the corner of the relaxation room.
Setup - corner bio fireplace Simple Fire CORNER 600L left
Setup - corner bio fireplace Simple Fire CORNER 600L right
Yet another great arrangement can be created by installing a bio-fireplace in the corner in such a way that it becomes an extension of the furniture – a modern plasterboard shelf. This is an arrangement that should delight any bibliophile, and the main character in it is the left biofireplace.
Design of a living room with a bio fireplace in the corner
Which layout styles is the bio fireplace in the corner suitable for?
Corner bio fireplaces fit perfectly with different types of modern styles, but are also used in industrial, Scandinavian, glamor or retro arrangements . They bring warmth and coziness to minimalist arrangements and their simple body means they blend well with any wall material, including decorative concrete or brick. Modern arrangements were presented in the case of the corner biofireplaces on the right.
A modern setup with a corner bio fireplace Simple Fire CORNER 900L
Corner bio fireplace in a modern living room - Simple Fire CORNER 900L model
With glamor arrangements, additional decoration near the bio fireplace can include wall strips or shiny materials. The elegant line of bio fireplaces also makes them an ideal choice for retro-style interiors, filled with stylish furniture inspired by the design of the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Corner bio fireplace Infire INSIDE L1100 Vers2 - setup

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