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Article: Buy bio ethanol fragrance oil. The most sustainable solution and the 5 nicest scents

Bio ethanol geurolie kopen. De meest duurzame oplossing en de 5 lekkerste geuren

Buy bio ethanol fragrance oil. The most sustainable solution and the 5 nicest scents

If you have a bio-ethanol fireplace, you can create a nice scent in your home with bio-ethanol fragrance oil. In this blog you can read about the most sustainable solutions and the 5 tastiest bio-ethanol scents.

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Bio-ethanol fragrance oil

With a bio-ethanol fireplace you create the perfect atmosphere by using bio-ethanol fragrance oil. It is ideal for Bio-Fireplaces with the aromatherapy function or with a separate Aromatizer. The natural essential oils have their own properties.

The Bio-ethanol fragrance oil calms the nerves, which also helps against migraines. It also helps with depressive situations and emotional stress. It is very soothing and you also fall asleep faster. So it is also useful for insomnia. Finally, it also improves your blood circulation. The Bio-ethanol fragrance oils are 100% natural and also very sustainable, so you are environmentally conscious in the meantime.

The scent is mixed with the bio-ethanol. It is best to use 10 drops per liter of bio-ethanol. It is not the intention to add the oil to the automatic burners. Unless stated in the manual. If you have a bio-ethanol fireplace and you want to purchase fragrance oil, it is relevant to first investigate whether it is possible for your bio-ethanol fireplace. The bio-ethanol fragrance oil is also really intended for the bio-ethanol fireplace. So you cannot add the fragrance oil to other fireplaces.

The 5 nicest scents

There are many different types of Bio-ethanol fragrance oils. In all kinds of scents. We have listed the tastiest Bio-ethanol fragrance oils for you.

The peony fragrance oil is in fifth place. This is a fragrance with a peony aroma. It is a fresh and sweet floral aroma. Attune positively and has a calming and relaxing effect. This is followed by the Rose fragrance oil. This is a fragrance with rose aromas. Rose oil stimulates and harmonizes the human immune and nervous system. In third place is the sandalwood fragrance oil. This fragrance oil gives a feeling of relaxation, eliminates insomnia, helps get rid of anxiety, fights nervous tension. Is a natural and quite strong aphrodisiac. In addition, it has an antiseptic effect. A pleasant delicate scent that guarantees relaxation.

The vanilla fragrance oil follows in second place. This is a fragrance composition with vanilla aroma. Sweet vanilla aroma has a relaxing and calming effect, helps you fall asleep. The oil calms hyperactivity. Vanilla is recognized as an aphrodisiac. And the first place that is considered the tastiest fragrance oil is strawberry. This consists of a sweet aroma of strawberry fruit. Attunes positively and ensures relaxation. The scent of strawberries is considered an aphrodisiac.

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