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Article: How safe is a bio ethanol fireplace? Everything you need to know

Hoe veilig is een bio ethanol haard? Alles wat je moet weten

How safe is a bio ethanol fireplace? Everything you need to know

Bioethanol fireplaces with excellent designs are not only pleasant to look at but also intended to meet customer demands, they are safer compared to traditional gas fireplaces that can endanger the home. If the customer's priority regarding fireplaces is safety, then bioethanol fireplaces are a perfect choice. Bioethanol is a green energy source that does not emit smoke, ash and odor into the air.

Direct contact with fire or fuel is dangerous in any case. Due to the fact that most of today's bioethanol fireplaces have the ability to effectively control the fire and heat, bioethanol fireplaces are safer than wood or gas fireplaces.

Wood or gas fireplaces often become deformed by high temperatures, resulting in irreversible damage to the appliance, and sometimes to the surrounding furniture. If fireplaces are not only the desire of designers to give the apartment a special charm, but also additional heating in your home, then family safety is a priority.

The room with fireplaces must have a ventilation system. Bioethanol fireplaces do not require additional ventilation systems because the carbon dioxide emitted is not dangerous to human health. But the fact is that bio-ethanol fireplaces also use the air in the room as fuel.

What should I do for long-term use?
If the fire burns for several hours, it is advisable to open a small window and let the fresh air in, despite the fact that the adverse effects of bioethanol fireplaces have not yet been recorded.

The flame size of bioethanol fireplaces should be proportional to the size of the room. Flame adjustment occurs with the adjustment of oxygen to the fire. Similar to manual ethanol fireplaces, there are also fireplaces with microprocessors that control the size of the fireplace. Microprocessors measure the outside temperature and automatically switch off the burner if the outside temperatures are extremely high.

When making reliable choices regarding bio-ethanol fireplaces, attention is also paid to the quality of the product. A bio-ethanol fireplace not only provides heat, but can also change the quality of the air in your home and have a direct impact on the environment. However, bioethanol fireplaces should not be left unattended. Bioethanol fireplaces are considered relatively new inventions and are usually welcomed by designers and architects.

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