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Article: We arrange a terrace with a bio fireplace – a handful of inspiration

We arrange a terrace with a bio fireplace – a handful of inspiration

For a garden terrace to fulfill its functions, it must be properly and consistently equipped. What should you pay attention to when choosing furniture? Which lighting to choose? When is it worth installing a biofireplace on the terrace and which model should you choose? This time we arrange the terrace and give you a handful of inspiration.
We design the terrace like a garden
When we think about designing a garden terrace, we must think about the purposes for which we will use it. Do we want it to be a place to relax, eat together, or perhaps we plan to work on the garden terrace?
If we follow this path of thinking, we have to we choose the right garden furniture . These will be comfortable sofas, chairs, loungers or a table where we can eat or work. Garden furniture should refer to the style of furniture in our house. Of course, braver people can choose unusual combinations, for example, a modern living room with a retro-style terrace, but it is much more difficult and risky than “extending” the furnishing style to the garden.
Another essential element of patio equipment is lighting . It could be electric. Then we put lamps or lanterns in the garden. Also those powered by solar energy. We can also opt for a bio fireplace in the garden that provides natural light. Such a biofireplace on the terrace can take the form of a flashlight, hang from the ceiling or be built into a table. Freestanding outdoor bio fireplaces are also a good choice, which can be moved indoors in autumn and winter, for example to the living room or bedroom. Another source of inspiration for designing a garden terrace is radiant heaters or garden fireplaces.
There must also be plants on the terrace. They will connect the house with the garden even more. If our terrace faces south or west, consider an awning or other sun protection.
Which bio fireplace for the terrace?
The choice of bio fireplaces for the garden is very wide. Most are free-standing, mobile and therefore easy to carry. Those that can be incorporated into furniture are also interesting.
Please note that most garden biofireplace models can also be used indoors. This makes it even easier to combine the style of the living room with the style of a terrace or balcony, if one biofireplace is used at home and the other model from the same series, but for example of a different size, is placed in the garden.
We especially recommend taking a look at the Outdoor line. Here we find biofireplaces from the Monaco Round series , available in three colors (white, black, brushed stainless steel) and two sizes. They are shaped like columns.
All Decoflame Outdoor Fireplaces have stainless steel or tempered glass elements and do not require a connection to chimney flues. They are designed to protect the flame from the wind. In addition, they are very stylish and can successfully become part of the equipment of both the living room and the terrace.
For fans of more avant-garde forms, we recommend the extremely original outdoor biofireplaces from the design series. The series includes three bio-fireplaces with unusual shapes and beautiful color, which resemble rusty metal, but in fact they are corten steel with high resistance to weather conditions.
For more inspiration, see the article: Which bio fireplace for the garden or on the terrace?
Terrace with decorative bio fireplace – hit or kitsch?
Definitely a hit. In a few seconds, thanks to the bio-fireplace, we can create an atmosphere, illuminate the terrace. There is no unpleasant odor or smoke and the bio-fireplace does not produce any ash.
A bio fireplace in the garden can be an element of small architecture if you choose a standing model. It is also worth remembering that choosing a biofireplace is an ecological solution, so we can consider it even more of a hit.

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