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Rea Matte Black Bio Wall Fireplace 90 x 40 CM

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Protective glass:

Rea Matte Black Bio Wall Fireplace 90 x 40 CM to hang on the wall or built-in with the TüV safety certificate.

The structure of the biofireplace is made of Swedish steel, powder painted with heat-resistant paint. The front frame and the recessed part are painted matte black.

Linear fireplace in the form of one box with a width of 524 mm, with double walls and bottom. Made of stainless steel with a capacity of approximately 0.75 liters. Biofuel burns in real time in about 1 hour and 50 minutes on a fully flooded burner (we warn against fictitious times at the 4 or even 9 hour level).

The German TüV certificate guarantees the safe use of the biofireplace. The burner has an absorbent insert (safe bio insert), which allows slower and even combustion of biofuel. Double walls and bottom eliminate the risk of the burner unsealing. A biofuel level indicator is installed in the container to minimize the risk of liquid overflow. With such a wide flashlight, the safest and most effective way to extinguish is to use the included self-contained fire extinguisher.


We offer you the opportunity to purchase a valve for the burner, which allows you to freely adjust the amount of fire. The slide is placed on the burner and the handle is moved over the burner to reduce the combustion chamber.

Torch Gate Valve Needed - Click Here (Torch Gate Valve 524 mm)

The bio-fireplace comes with a mounting strip that introduces expansion joints between the wall and the back of the bio-fireplace. The strip used makes the wall less warm due to the heat. In addition, a lower handle was used to prevent the bioethanol fireplace from moving.

The biofireplace can be hung directly on a flat wall, but can also be built-in, also made of plasterboard. A biofireplace can also be installed in the corner (in the corner of the wall), but we recommend purchasing a corner strip, which facilitates corner mounting (available in the Accessories category).

Be careful when it comes to installing a bioethanol fireplace around furniture. The heat from the biofireplace rises, so the most exposed items are above the biofireplace. When mounting the TV above the bio-fireplace, we recommend the distance between the devices, the size of the gap depends on how both devices are installed (hanging on the wall or in the building) and the conditions (window positioning, communication path or room size).

Included with the bio-fireplace is the so-called Aromatizer, a small metal base that must be inserted into one of the corners of the bio-ethanol fireplace so that the flames do not burn. The minimum amount of water and a few drops of fragrance oil are poured into the base. The scent is released under the influence of temperature, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. The set does not contain fragrance oils (oils available in the Accessories category).

Technical data

Dimensions: height 40 cm, width 90 cm, total depth 12 cm. 12 kg Burner capacity approx. 0.75 l

The kit contains:

Burner with TüV safety certificate, mounting set, flame-extinguishing handle & funnel.



Rea Matte Black Bio Wall Fireplace 90 x 40 CM
Rea Matte Black Bio Wall Fireplace 90 x 40 CM Sale price€400,00 Regular price€650,00