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Del Teide Detached Garden Bio Fireplace

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Del Teide biofuel fireplace ocean of fire ”. Great visual effects achieved through a heavy commitment to biofuel with an irregular wave-shaped fire line and large panes of tempered glass.

The secret of the unique character of this bio fireplace is its minimalist rectangular shape. The base is the insert (burner) housing, while the sides of the bio-fireplace are 4 hard glass walls with ground edges. Access to the insert for ignition, flame control and extinguishing is provided through cut-out holes in two opposing glass walls of the housing – eliminating the fear of accidental burns. We only pour biofuel from above.

The Del Teide te n bio fireplace can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It looks particularly attractive on the terrace, illuminated at dusk. Thanks to the glass housing, the flames can be observed from all sides, providing a unique visual experience. The large surface of the built-in fireplace, a modern fire line in the form of an asymmetrical wave and the shape of a bio-fireplace allow the fire to move freely inside, creating an unusual spectacle of flames dancing in it.

The Del Teide biofireplace consists of a biofuel insert placed in a base made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm, powder-coated in the selected color and a cover made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm, on all sides of the insert bottom secured with stainless steel screws.

The Del Teide bio fireplace is equipped with a WAVE built-in fireplace . These are cartridges with a lid cut exactly in the shape of a sine wave (wave). As a result, we achieved a unique three-dimensional effect of the burning fire, which in this version is simply unique! The flame size is controlled by means of a special handle by sliding one of the lid parts. It is not a difficult task and requires no effort. The laser-cut shape of the plate ensures a perfect fit of both parts after they are pushed together to extinguish the fire. In addition, for greater safety of users of inserts in burners with an area of ​​​​600 mm we use an overlapping cover, which guarantees immediate and reliable extinguishing of fire in a biofireplace.

Set includes: Bio fireplace with biofuel insert, igniter and bolt to regulate the flame.



Del Teide Detached Garden Bio Fireplace
Del Teide Detached Garden Bio Fireplace Sale price€2.500,00 Regular price€3.000,00