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Corner Bio Ethanol Built-in Fireplace Right 80 CM With Full Glass

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The corner bio fireplace is a combination of stainless steel, tempered glass and powder-coated steel. A model designed to be placed in a recessed installation or a prepared hole in the wall. The building can be made of plasterboard, preferably in a refractory version. The front frame is very small, only 14 mm wide, and subtly emphasizes the two-sided view of the fire. The bio fireplace is produced in Poland only for our store. The view of the fire on both sides, closed with tall glass in a small frame, is an undeniable advantage of a bio fireplace.

The only corner model with full-height glass, fully protected against flames, which is important for small children.

Because the fireplace is covered with glass, the biofireplace does extract oxygen from the building, but no chimney installation is required. It can be installed in any room.

With the built-in installation above the bio-fireplace, it can be located just below the ceiling; a ventilation grille must be installed. On the other hand, at the top of the bio-fireplace, in the part that is built-in, there is a hole with a diameter of 100mm. This opening can be connected to the ventilation grille with a pipe. Because the biofireplace does not emit any harmful substances, smoke or soot when burning, the ventilation grille only emits warm air.

There are oxygen supply holes at the bottom of the bio-fireplace, directly next to the burner. In the building, at the bottom, under the bio-fireplace, you can place a second ventilation grille, then the free air flow between them must be allowed into the building.

Corner bio fireplace with open side; made of steel painted with heat-resistant paint in black, textured matt. At the back of the bio-fireplace there are special holes for hanging on the wall or built-in, after all, the holes are not visible from the front. The set includes plugs that allow the installation of a biofireplace.

One burner with a width of 524 mm is used. The burner is made of brushed stainless steel, inside there is a ceramic absorbent insert (safe bio-insert), which protects against spilling the biofuel in the event of a hard impact or if the bio-fireplace falls over. At the same time, the biofuel burns more evenly. A burner with a capacity of approximately 0.75 liters, in which the biofuel will burn for up to 1h50min in real time. The set includes a special brush that effectively extinguishes the fire.

Dimensions: height 500 mm, width 800 mm, depth 300 mm. Weight 24kg.



Corner Bio Ethanol Built-in Fireplace Right 80 CM With Full Glass
Corner Bio Ethanol Built-in Fireplace Right 80 CM With Full Glass Sale price€1.100,00