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Built-in fireplace / Wall fireplace Matte Black S-Line 3D 120 x 40 CM

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Protective glass:

Bio fireplace Matt Black S-Line 3D 120 x 40 CM built-in with one wide and safe burner.

The structure of the biofireplace is made of Swedish steel, powder painted with heat-resistant paint. The recessed part is painted black, matte textured, while the front frame is glossy black.

The fireplace is made in the form of a 10-point 3D burner with a width of 800 mm. The burner is made of brushed stainless steel. The arc-shaped recess results in a greater view of fire on each side. The flames do not go inwards, but fill the entire width of the burner, the arc shape and different sizes of the holes are responsible (in the center the opening is the smallest, because it is closer to the front and it is easier for oxygen to burn biofuels). By removing the burn center from the back of the biofireplace, the temperature inside is evenly distributed, which translates into safety and durability.

The burner has a capacity of approximately 1.2 liters and the biofuel burns within 2 hours.

The container is equipped with an absorbent insert (safe bio-insert), which is designed to absorb liquid and prevent biofuel spillage (when pouring up to 50% of the burner capacity). In addition, the cartridges slightly lower the fluid temperature, which also affects safety.

Important advantages of the 3D burner:

– double walls;
– ceramic wool (safe bio-insert);
– measurement of the level of biofuels;
– security holes.

Only one long fireplace will burn with great fire, filling the inside of the biofireplace. Multiple smaller burners will never create one flame, and the further away they are, the more they will give the appearance of multiple candles or one if only one burner is burning.

The bio-fireplace has a reduced width of the front frame to 42 mm, causing the burner to protrude 12 mm above its height. To hide the protruding bottom of the burner, it is preferable to place the bio-fireplace in the building (or the existing wall opening).

The depth of the bio-fireplace is 13 cm including the front frame. With such a large bio-fireplace and the fire it generates; a smaller depth would negatively affect the security level. A spaced strip was used for mounting, leaving a space of 1 cm between the back of the bioethanol fireplace and the wall. The heat from the back wall of the bio fireplace does not heat the wall that much. When placing the ethanol fireplace in a niche, the holes in the back of the bio fireplace are a great help. They make it possible to attach the bio-fireplace to the wall with larger screws without using the mounting strip. An additional handle at the bottom was also used to prevent the bioethanol fireplace from moving (this can only be used together with the mounting strip).

Included with the bio-fireplace is the so-called Aromatizer, a small metal base that must be inserted into one of the corners of the bio-ethanol fireplace so that the flames do not burn. The minimum amount of water and a few drops of fragrance oil are poured into the base. The scent is released under the influence of temperature, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. The set does not contain fragrance oils (oils available in the Accessories category).

Torch Gate Valve Needed - Click Here (Torch Gate Valve 800 mm)

Technical data

Dimensions: height 40 cm, width 120 cm, total depth 14.4 cm. Weight: 22 kg.

The kit contains: bio-fireplace with 3D burner, 800 mm wide, 1 kg white stones (Thassos stones), mounting set, flame-extinguishing holders, funnel, 1 liter of 2nd generation biofuels with PZH certificate & aromatyzer.



Built-in fireplace / Wall fireplace Matte Black S-Line 3D 120 x 40 CM
Built-in fireplace / Wall fireplace Matte Black S-Line 3D 120 x 40 CM Sale price€700,00 Regular price€1.100,00