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Corner Bio Ethanol Built-in Fireplace Left 60 CM With Glass

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Insert for corner building Line-L, 60 cm wide, left version. Corner bio fireplace from Dutch production with a wide fire line. Model with two protective glass.

Line bio fireplace is a combination of stainless steel and powder-coated steel. A model designed to be placed in a recessed installation or a prepared hole in the wall. The construction can be made of fire-resistant plasterboard. The front frame is very small, only 34 mm wide, and subtly emphasizes the two-sided view of the fire. The view of the fire on both sides enclosed in a small frame is an undeniable advantage of the Line biofireplace.

Corner bio fireplace with open side; made of steel painted with heat-resistant paint in black, textured matt. At the back of the bio-fireplace there are special holes for hanging on the wall or built-in, after all, the holes are not visible from the front. The set includes plugs that allow the installation of a biofireplace.

One burner with a width of 524 mm is used, which, with the width of the bio-fireplace, guarantees a wide fire line, unprecedented in bio-fireplaces of this width. The burner is made of brushed stainless steel, inside there is a ceramic absorbent insert (safe bio-insert), which protects against spilling the biofuel in the event of a hard impact or if the bio-fireplace falls over. At the same time, the biofuel burns more evenly. The burner has a biofuel indicator and safety ventilation holes. This means that the burner has the TüV safety certificate. A burner with a capacity of approximately 0.75 liters, in which the biofuel will burn for up to 1.50 hours in real time. The set includes a special brush that effectively extinguishes the fire.

Biofireplace version with two protective glass. Glazing 15 cm high and 4 mm thick, secured with the attached handles. The windows are transparent and hardened.

In corner models with glass, it happens (usually with a wide burner) that the fire moves to the closed side. It is a natural phenomenon, related to the laws of physics, resulting from disturbed air circulation. To minimize this condition, the set includes the so-called deflector. It is placed on the burner and is designed to draw and stabilize the flames. The deflector can also be thought of as a gate valve that allows you to adjust the size of the fire.

Dimensions: height 450 mm, width 600 mm, installation depth 180 mm. Weight 13kg.

Set contains: bio fireplace with two panes, burner with deflector, mounting kit, manual and 1 liter of bio ethanol.



Corner Bio Ethanol Built-in Fireplace Left 60 CM With Glass
Corner Bio Ethanol Built-in Fireplace Left 60 CM With Glass Sale price€700,00