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Article: Buy bio ethanol fuel? Advantage packaging and all options at a glance.

Buy bio ethanol fuel? Advantage packaging and all options at a glance.

Do you have a bio ethanol fireplace? Very nice, but you have to buy the right fuel. Of course you go for the best bio ethanol. In this article you will find everything about this fuel, how to use it and which brand to use. But also what the risks of this product are. After all, you want to create a safe living environment.

All possibilities

You have all kinds of different types of fuels for all kinds of different types bio-ethanol fireplaces . It just depends which one odor you like best to smell in your home. There is also a difference between sustainable bio ethanol fuel and aromatic bio ethanol fuel. So plenty of options.

Aromatic bio ethanol fuel does not contain acetone, is produced on the basis of vegetable ethanol that is later denatured by this treatment and the bio ethanol fuel does not emit any undesirable odors when burned and is completely safe for humans. Sustainable bio ethanol fuel is produced using the latest technology, making it 96% dehydrated, which has a positive effect on the combustion process. In addition, the sustainable bio ethanol fuel, just like the aromatic bio ethanol fuel, does not contain acetone and is also produced on the basis of vegetable ethanol, later dehydrated and rectified. Thanks to this treatment, bio-ethanol combustion does not emit any undesirable odors and is completely safe for people. There are different kinds bio ethanol fuels such as, Green tea, forestry, cinnamon, coffee, lavender, vanilla etc.


In general, bio ethanol fuel is very cheap. Especially with the prices are remarkably low when you compare it with other stores. One 1 liter bottle of bio ethanol fuel normally costs €18.95. There are often also offers where you can buy them for 10 euros. You also have one 12 liter package where you end up cheaper. A 12 liter package costs €199.95. With this package you don't have to worry about running out of bio ethanol fuel in the near future. Finally, you have the 20 liter package. With the 20 liter you pay €399.95. With this package you get 4 jerry cans, each containing 5 liters of sustainable bio ethanol fuel.

What else you need to know

The Ecoflame Bio ethanol fuel brand is the second generation bio fuel, made from materials that do not compete with food, but with wood and agricultural waste. Ecoflame bio ethanol fuel can be recognized by a higher purity and energy of approximately 40 MJ / kg.
Ecoflame bioethanol is produced using the latest technology, with the help of specialists from Sweden.

Ethyl alcohol has undergone two rectifications, so the energy is focused on burning alcohol, not evaporating water. This makes the flame larger.

The owner of the Ecoflame bio ethanol fuel brand is Yannkes Polska, the owner of the Nice-House store.

Biofuel does not emit an odor when burned and is completely safe for humans. No deposits or ash are released. The liquid is burned 100%, without harmful residues.
During combustion, smoke is not released, and carbon dioxide in quantities is completely safe for the environment, in addition, water vapor in the room effectively hydrates. Biofuel also produces a beautiful yellow-orange flame.

Ecoflame bio ethanol fuel is PZH approved, the liquid has received a positive assessment from the Environmental Toxicology Department of the National Institute of Public Health in the field of safety for humans and the environment. In other words, the bio ethanol fuel is highly recommended! Visit our website to see the entire range.

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