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Article: Buy a bio ethanol burner. The possibilities + the five biggest advantages

Bio ethanol brander kopen. De mogelijkheden + de vijf grootste voordelen

Buy a bio ethanol burner. The possibilities + the five biggest advantages

You can order bio-ethanol fireplaces separately, but also completely. In this blog we will tell you everything about the separate bio-ethanol burner, how to use it and the five biggest advantages of a bio-ethanol burner.

What is a bio ethanol fireplace?
A bio-ethanol fireplace is a fireplace that burns bio-ethanol. The special thing about this fireplace is that it does not require a flue if you have one in your home. This is because the bioethanol evaporates and does not leave any clouds of smoke. This fireplace is therefore ideal to use if you do not have a chimney and you still want a fireplace in your home to make it a bit cozy in your home.

What is a separate bio ethanol burner?
A separate bio-ethanol burner is just the burner. This burner comes in different shapes and sizes. The advantage of a separate bio-ethanol burner is that you can install it yourself according to your own wishes.

The benefits of bio ethanol
• Does not require a chimney
• No ash is released
• No dangerous smoke that is released by other fires
• You can use it anywhere outdoors, indoors, apartment, large rooms, etc.
• You only need bio ethanol to turn it on

Bio ethanol costs 2.5 to 3 euros per liter and 1 liter can burn for an average of 2 hours. So it's cheap too.

We recommend purchasing the fireplace at, because we have many different choices, from inside to outside, but also for the ceiling, for example. Below are a few links with examples

Bio ethanol fireplace
Do you want to buy a bio ethanol fireplace? Then view the rest of our website.

Are you interested in a fireplace or do you have a question about a bio?

If you are interested in a fireplace or have a question about a bio ethanol fireplace, click on the link below to go to the contact details of They are available 24/7 for all your questions and orders.

Contact page


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