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Malo Bio Wall Fireplace With Tempered Glass

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Wall-mounted bio-fireplace made of steel with adjustable flame and tempered glass on the front.
Have you ever thought about having a fireplace in your home? Thanks to Malo this is very simple, you just need this bio-fireplace and a little of its naturally derived liquid fuel and you will soon have a fire with real flames in your living room, bedroom, office ... etc.
When you light the HYPNOS wall-mounted fireplace, which undoubtedly has an attractive design, it takes a few minutes before you notice a pleasant feeling of warmth. It's easy and cheap, for little money you get one of the most innovative and chic decorative instruments for your home, as well as rich warmth for the coldest winter days. All in one product that undoubtedly combines simplicity and sophistication and that will become the center of admiration for your guests.
Surprise yourself with a Malo bio fireplace and enjoy your home with this great decorative heating system. The HYPNOS is one of our most successful bio fireplaces. The design is prepared to be placed on a wall like a painting, installation is super easy and takes no more than 5 minutes.
This bio-fireplace has a tempered glass pane on the front that will protect the little ones in the house from fire, in addition to giving it a special design. With this great bio-fireplace it is possible to enjoy the fire of a fireplace in a simpler and more economical way than with a traditional fireplace. Equipped with a combustion block with a capacity of 1.5 liters, the flame can be regulated by adjusting the opening of the tank.
The dimensions are 60 cm high and width by 20 cm deep. It includes a tool to extinguish the flame.
Malo Bio Wandhaard Met Gehard Glas - Bioethanolhaarden
Malo Bio Wall Fireplace With Tempered Glass Sale price$364.00